Well, like most folks, I’ve been finding things to do during the lockdown. It’s been almost nine weeks here in England. I started doing all my brand new jigsaws but soon finished those, I can now do a 1000 piece in a few hours except when you get tricky areas of all one colour, like trees/grass/foliage or sky/water!

My next ‘project’ was to finally start using my Arteza Everblend Marker Pens which I purchased last year. (As I type this, they’re currently out of stock). When I decide I want to purchase something that isn’t the usual everyday item, I tend to research quite a bit. I’m told that’s a good habit to have, lol! So, after a few hours of research I decided on these Arteza pens, they had excellent reviews and were a good price. The carry case is super handy and has a strap if you want to take the case out and about. There’s even space for spare pens, which you can just be seen behind the reds top left.

I have a huge pile of colouring books but chose this one to begin with.

My Mum got me this from Hobbycraft one Christmas

I’m afraid I’m still learning when it comes to what colours look best but here are the results in the photos below.

I think for a beginner, I didn’t do too badly! If anyone has any tips please let me know!

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