Christmas Bible plans on

These are just a few of the plans currently available on I’ve been doing quite a few, completed many but still many to go. Even though I have a couple of Bibles I do like the app, you can switch between any version you want whilst in-app. The app is free – no subscriptions, no in-app purchases – and you can download as many different versions of the Bible as you want (again, all free!).

I tend to open the app just before bed, and either read some of the Bible itself, or one of the Plans I might be doing. It even keeps a tally of how many days you’ve been in the app, I broke my consecutive streak of 86 which really annoyed me, lol. It also tracks how many weeks in the year you’ve been in the app. You can search for friends and do plans together too. I also like the graphics you can create from Bible verses.

Great time of year to start, but you can, of course, delve in at any time of year. There are plans for everything you can think of!

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