A list of all of the podcasts I currently listen to. My favourite podcast app is RSSRadio app which is also my main podcast app, I did pay for the full version because I love it so much. I also use Overcast but only the free version, it works but I just don’t like the layout. It took me a long time to a find RSSRadio so I’m just sticking with Overcast for now as the secondary app. I listen to the faith podcasts mostly when driving so have them all in Overcast.

If you’d like to recommend any podcasts you think I’d enjoy please let me know by filling out the contact form below, I’d love to hear from you!

Updated: 21st January 2020

Books & Literature

Annotated – It’s like Radiolab for books, studying different aspects of books, reading and language.


Be Still and Know – A short podcast to bring peace into your hectic daily schedule.

Choral Evensong – Each episode broadcasts Evensong from around the UK, very peaceful to listen to. Available from BBC Sounds.

The Cove Church – Located in NC with campus locations at Denver, Mooresville, Statesville, West Rowan and online. This is the church my friend “C” introduced me too. You can find me hosting in the online chat every weekend!

Thought for the Day – Speakers from across the world’s major faiths offer spiritual insights. Less than three minutes, these are perfect to start your day, when you need a break or just before bed (when I listen).


Bundyville – From Longreads and Oregon Public Broadcasting, “Bundyville” is a seven-part series chronicling the rise, fall and resurgence of the Bundy family, the armed uprisings they inspired and the fight over the future of the American West.

Containers – The podcast about global trade

Cruise Town – This year, cruise ship passengers to Juneau, Alaska, outnumbered local residents 35 to 1. Cruise Town is a podcast from KTOO News. It’s about how Juneau became a Cruise Town, what it’s like to live in a Cruise Town and what the city’s future holds in light of the industry’s explosive growth.

Embedded – Host Kelly McEvers takes a story from the news and goes deep. Whether that means digging into the Trump administration’s past, the stories behind police shootings caught on video, or visiting a town ravaged by the opioid epidemic, Embedded takes you where the news is happening.

Fortunately with Fi and Jane

A frank look behind the scenes with broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover as guests from Radio, TV and podcasting share stories they probably shouldn’t.

Released every Friday.

Fresh AirFresh Air with Terry Gross, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio’s most popular programs.

Midnight Oil – All about Alaskan oil; the history to the present day.

The Antarctic Sun – Apologies for the blurry picture, it’s the only one I can find. However, that aside, a really interesting podcast about life in the Antarctic!

The Working Ranch Radio Show – I have no connection to ranching but enjoy listening to this. Jeff and Tim are entertaining and the guests are really interesting. I always learn something!

This American LifeThis American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week they choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. 

Up First – NPR’s Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays by 6 a.m. ET, with hosts Rachel Martin, Noel King, David Greene and Steve Inskeep. Now available on Saturdays by 8 a.m. ET, with hosts Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Scott Simon.


All Songs Considered – As it says, all songs are considered! Every genre you can think of is covered.

Alt Latino – Latin music from across the globe with guests and themed episodes. Another genre of music I enjoy learning about.

Classical Focus – A serene classical backdrop to help you focus. BBC Sounds.

Classical Sunrise from Radio 3 – A selection of sunrise harmonies from BBC Sounds.

BBC Radio 3 Composer of the Week – A guide to a particular composer each week. I enjoy this, I learn a lot about classical music.

Dissect – They pick one album person season and “dissect” each individual song.

Early Music Late – Performances of early music, the late part is due to the time on live radio (9.30 pm). Another I get from BBC Sounds.

Early Music Now – Early music from around Europe. BBC Sounds.

Focus Beats – Another from BBC Sounds, just some ‘beats’ for background music.

Mindful Mix from Radio 3 – Mindful classical music. BBC Sounds.

Music Planet Road Mix – Short segments from around the world musically. BBC Sounds.

Music Planet World Mix – Roots and music from around the world. BBC Sounds.

Night tracks – Let your ears do the thinking with an immersive soundtrack for late-night listening, from classical to contemporary and everything in between. BBC Sounds.

Slow Radio – An antidote to today’s frenzied world. Step back, let go, immerse yourself: it’s time to go slow. Listen to the sounds of birds, mountain climbing, monks chatting as you go about your day. A lo-fi celebration of pure sound. BBC Sounds.

Song Exploder – Artists take apart one of their songs and break down exactly how they came up with the idea, lyrics, tune etc.

The Early Music Show – An exploration of early music, looking at early developments in musical performance and composition in Britain and abroad. BBC Sounds.

The Soundtrack Show – Really like this one, they break down a soundtrack over a couple of episodes going in-depth with people who worked on it. Really interesting if you’re into music or soundtracks generally.

Twenty Thousand Hertz – Stories behind the world’s most recognisable sounds. One of the more interesting podcasts, all about sound.


Jeff Gordon – A Colorful Career – Jeff’s story from his early years right up to now and his broadcast booth adventures.

Letarte on Location – Former NASCAR crew chief and current NBC analyst, Steve Letarte talks to NASCAR personalities.

MRN Classic Races – On a Thursday MRN drop a classic race in its entirety. I really enjoy listening to these!

MRN Crew Call – Former NASCAR pit crew member Rocko Williams interviews current members of the pit crews up and down pit road.

MRN Outloud! – Every Monday Woody Cain and Joey Meier break down the previous weekends racing. Always fun and entertaining!

MRN Presents – 50 Years, The Voice of NASCAR – Fantastic podcast detailing the history of the Motor Racing Network.

NASCAR America – Audio from the TV show.

NASCAR Live – Mike Bagley hosts this weekly show with guests and phone-ins.

NASCAR on NBC Podcast – Each episode Nate Ryan speaks to someone in the NASCAR world.

NASCAR Race Hub – Race Hub is a daily weekday TV show and this is the audio of the show.

Pocono Racing – Each week they talk with NASCAR and Indy car drivers.

Waltrip Unfiltered – Just Michael Waltrip chatting with various NASCAR personalities each episode. Always a laugh!


GTD – Getting Things done is David Allen’s system for, yep, you guessed it, getting things done!


Adventurist World Radio Wavescan – Radio talk from around the world with snippets and some really wonderful music!

The Shortwave Radio Audio Archives – One of my faves, even if you’re not particularly into shortwave radio I think you’ll enjoy hearing the sounds from around the globe. Every country you can think of, even countries that now don’t exist have been featured. Historic recordings from just a few minutes to a good two or three hours.


Athletes Unfiltered – Inspiring stories from the Stava community, told by runners and cyclists.

Carolina Tarwheels – A group of bicycle enthusiasts who organize social rides in Orange, Durham, Wake, Alamance, and Chatham counties of North Carolina. They promote the fun and challenge of cycling and advocate for cycling safety and bike-friendly policies in their communities.

True Crime

Criminal – Phoebe Judge (the presenter) has a very distinctive voice and is perfect for this podcast. Each episode tells the story of a crime committed.

Ear Hustle – The daily realities of life inside prison shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration.

Mass Exoneration – Stories from those exonerated from crimes they didn’t commit. Sadly, many of the folks they speak to served decades in prison. Each episode is incredibly moving and emotional.

Penned – Kinda hard to describe, but so far it’s interviews with folks who have either been in prison or write to those in prison.

Serial – I think everyone has heard of Serial, but, if you haven’t it’s a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. It tells a story over the course of a season. It’s won multiple awards and is incredibly gripping.