Wait, jelly beans aren’t your favourite sweets (candy for my US readers)?!? Okay, just replace jelly beans with your favourite food/drink and stay with me here whilst I tell you about my new found hobby of watching train cams!

Last Summer a friend sent me a link to a railway cam near to where he lived, I’d never even heard of train cams before this. I watched for a while, quite enthralled by the variety of trains going to and fro in the middle of Missouri! Nothing like the trains we have here, in fact, the ones I see locally are quite plain-looking, and very short compared to the USA ones.

Soon I was clicking through to the main site Virtual Railfan where I discovered a variety of free cams available. My new favourite became Revelstoke, B.C., Canada.

Whilst in the chat room someone pointed me in the direction of Hindu Cow Girl. I thought how great the name was and her videos even better. I’ve been watching through the videos from the beginning, as I type I’m watching “From Ål to Voss on the Bergen Line”. The videos vary in length from about 45 minutes upwards of three hours.

I’m finding them very enjoyable to watch, especially the Winter videos she has on there, the landscape of Norway is just breathtaking. So, next time you want something relaxing to watch, or a video for your second screen perhaps (like I do) then check out her videos!

You don’t need to leave the house, but you could of course pop down to your local train station and spot a train or two, if you’re going to actually be there for longer than getting on or off a train please inform the staff at the station just so they know what you’re doing. There are no rules for trainspotting but please be safe and have fun!

(Featured image: Photo by Benjamin Wagner on Unsplash)

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