Well, in my world, I’d say pretty boring! My original post, Why Train Cams Are More Tempting Than Jelly Beans, talks about how I discovered train cams and why I love them. Shortly after writing that post, I discovered a site with martime cams. So, I’ve just created a Rail and Martime cams page here on the blog. I’ve included my favourite train and martime cams, but please do let me know if you know of any I should be checking out!

I wouldn’t say lockdown has caused me any issues regarding my anxiety/depression, but I’ve found opening a second browser window and playing one of the cams or videos has helped me generally day to day. I really enjoy watching them, especially the Winter ones, they’re my absolute favourites.

We don’t seem to have “Winter” anymore here in south-east England. 2019/2020 Winter was remarkably warm with no snow. I’m not sure if even Scotland got any snow! I remember chilly Winters and even a few snowy Winters. The last cold spell was The Beast From The East, I think in 2017, before that, I can’t really remember much snow at all.

Winter, if you’re reading this, please come back! πŸ™‚ As I type this, we’ve had a mini-heatwave in the mid-20s centigrade (high 70s in Fahrenheit) and even though today has been cloudy, it’s been really quite humid and horrible. I dislike heat immensely and it’s set off my hayfever which had been going away in recent years. So I’m more than ready for Autumn and Winter.

But anyway, back to rail and maritime cams. Not only are they something interesting to watch, you can also do a bit of “spotting”. Yep, that’s a whole new thing to explore. I may do a post on that in the future as I know of books, checklists and sites on train/ship spotting. It’s not geeky or boring at all! πŸ™‚

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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