Well, another order from Cult Pens today which included these fabulous Artline 200 4.0 mm fineliner pens!

Artline 200 4.0 mm fineline pens
Artline 200 4.0 mm fineliner pens

Colours (left to right): dark red, red, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, dark green, turquoise, sky blue, light blue, royal blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink, apricot, brown, dark brown, grey, black.

Artline 200 4.0 mm fineliner pens writing examples

I had been using uni-ball eye fine pens but they only had a range of ten colours. I use them in my Erin Condren Life Planner, colour-coded for different things but I ran out of colours. So after a little searching around online, I came across the Artline pens, a much wider range of colours.

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