Oops! I am blaming The Pen Addicts, Brad and Myke entirely for this post. I discovered their podcast The Pen Addict in early 2012. Soon thereafter I bought a fountain pen, the Lamy Safari Petrol Blue. My favourite colour is blue and, at the time, I worked in a petrol station so I figured it was meant to be lol!

I’ve used it on and off since then but hadn’t purchased another pen or any new inks. The only ink I had was petrol blue cartridges.

Fast forward to now and I happened to come across the Conklin All-American Old Glory fountain pen on Cult Pens here in England. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

And of course, if you have a new pen, you need new ink… right?

Diamine: Happy Holidays, Solstice, Snow Storm (top row). Diamine: Mystique, Frosted Orchid, Starlit Sea, Night Sky, Arctic Blue (middle row). Diamine: Autumn Oak, Midnight, Twilight, Sunset (bottom row).

MT: vehicle washi tape (top). Diamine: 1864 Blue Black, Handel, Tudor Blue (bottom).

L’Artisan Pastellier: Pacifique, Atlantique.

I need to get some paper or some kind of test swatch to try them out on. I have never done this before so I’m exploring options!

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